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HURRICANE IDA: Give to the Ida Response effort by designating your donation for the "Active Response Fund".

Like most non-profit start-ups, Houston Responds began with limited resources and has grown through the time and talent offered by many generous volunteers and donors. To fulfill the mission of uniting, equipping, and empowering churches in regional coalitions for disaster and crisis response, Houston Responds and its coalitions will need financial resources to make it happen. Some coalitions will be financially sustainable through the giving of their churches. Other less-resourced coalitions will need financial assistance from Houston Responds to launch and become sustainable. Houston Responds will need funding, as well, to provide the staff and resources necessary to launch and support disaster response coalitions.

Online donations can be made using the form below. Select a designation from the drop-down menu to indicate where you would like your donation to go.

Donations can be designated to go to any of the Houston Responds coalitions.


Give online using the form below.




Mail checks to:

18214 Upper Bay Rd. #580651

Houston, TX 77058 

Make payable to Houston Responds. Please note whether the donation is for the Houston Responds General Fund or one of our regional coalitions and list the coalition's name. EIN# 82-4354555



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After submitting your donation, scroll back to the top of the screen for your confirmation message. The confirmation message may take a moment to load based on internet speed. 

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